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Inno Tech Manufacturing Inc.
10109 Carroll Canyon Road
San Diego, CA 92131

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Telephone: 858-565-4556
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Machining Equipment


Screw Machines 

Marubeni Citizen 7 plus axis machining at its best.  Part to print milling and turning in one operation.  Your part comes off complete.   Up to 1.25 inches in diameter and lengths only in your imagination.


CNC Lathe

2-axis turning up to 14 inches in diameter by 34 inches long.  Covers almost all other turning option needs.


Machining Center

4-Axis machining in a 30 by 16 by 21 inch envelope.  24 tool stations deliver practically endless possibilities.


When less is more


Inno Tech Machining Company is a high quality machining resource providing friendly service, fast turnaround times, and engineering expertise, at competitive pricing. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Inno Tech utilizes certified state of the art equipment partnered with top professionals to maximize the value and quality in your product.

Specializing in precision, Inno Tech will provide you with superior products, at affordable prices.

"I love working with engineers. Finding ways to make their parts less expensive is a puzzle I never get tired of solving."

Marek Prochazka

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